International Center of Music Château de La Moutte

A resolutely different Music School focusing on openness, a multidisciplinary culture and personal fulfillment

Our observations : conventional musical training is too compartmentalized

This music school project is based on observations revealing that conventional music training on offer has led to young musicians :

   being too specialized, spending many years studying a single instrument to the exclusion of all else
   failing to understand their main tool, the body
   being psychologically unprepared for the requirements placed on performers
   having inadequate knowledge of general culture and of the realities of the
professional world.

This situation has often led to :

   uniform interpretation
   a loss of personal identity
   numerous physical and mental illnesses
   a difficult start in the professional world with somewhat chaotic career paths
   poor relationships with contacts in the world of music and society in general.

Our project : an outward-looking, top-level musical training course

The International School of Music in Saint Tropez aims to provide musicians with another vision of training. It will prepare top-quality musicians from all over the world for their entry into professional life with the advantages and openings vital to maturing and developing their art.

In close contact with well-known artists and scientists, the 50 students admitted will be able to perfect their discipline while benefitting from the dialog established with other areas of human activity : music and space, music and mathematics, music and functional anatomy, music and human sciences.

Never before has a music school proposed such a forum of exchange and research. Today however, such an experiment is the natural choice faced with the isolation of classical music and its over-specialization.
Around ten artists and scientists will live at the school and participate in school life (authors, ballet dancers, choreographers, composers, astrophysicists etc.)

At the weekend, public events will be organized by School members (including lectures, debates, concerts, shows and exhibitions). These events will be related to the guest VIPs invited at weekends and will provide an opportunity to share with the general public the discoveries and fruit of work within the School.
A flexible, modular theatre will be set up for such events. With its open-air stage it is easily transported for use in a variety of settings both in the grounds of La Moutte and outside.
The School of Music will also welcome school groups, who will discover the life of a School dedicated to music.

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