International Center of Music Château de La Moutte

Ambitious objectives : musical prowess, job integration and personal development

Objective: increased professional and personal maturity
The goal of the cursus is to produce well-balanced, independent musicians free of cultural biases. The main thrust of the training course, focusing on the idea of exchange between different fields of knowledge and competence, consists of :

   Training thoroughly on the musician's chosen instrument.

   Reconciling technical prowess and sensitivity, body and spirit, a high degree of specialization and a multidisciplinary culture. We wish to encourage the use of various types of bridges in the arts, sciences, litterature  and new communication technologies.

   Fostering activities allowing artists to gradually establish themselves in the professional world.

   Training fully accomplished artists and inserting them into a network with communication and circulation structures throughout the world.

   Encouraging the development of personality by an ongoing exposure to different, and sometimes paradoxical, lines of thought.

   Avoiding the development of physical problems that often develop found among instrument players. The high degree of technical efficiency required of professional musicians places high demands on their bodies. It requires a daily balancing of muscles and energy as practiced for many years now by sportsmen and women the world over.

   Helping musicians express themselves in public and establish the contacts they will need to manage their careers.

The School of Music will be resolutely outward-looking and have particularly close contacts with teaching establishments in the Var department and Provence-Alpes-Côte d'Azur region in which the School is located.

It will encourage partnerships with current teaching bodies and musical dissemination organizations worldwide. This not only guarantees exposure to a variety of cultures but offers each student numerous concert opportunities.

The experience gained and lessons learnt within the School, whether by pupils or teachers, will lead to publications for the general public, national music schools, universities and the like.

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