International Center of Music Château de La Moutte
Saint Tropez - France

The International Center of Music, set up to train tomorrow's musicians and teachers, is now taking shape.

The School's advantages include its geographical location and tasteful setting, being nestled among the palm trees in the Château de la Moutte, Saint Tropez (south-east of France), a superb site preserved and made available to the School by the Conservatoire du Littoral.

The School is run on holistic lines. In our modern and specialized world, the holistic approach conceived by Greek philosophers has become increasingly vital to artists. It unites body and spirit in a collaborative effort, combining technical artistry, culture and sensitivities which in turn feed off and nurture each other.

Under the guidance of the best "music masters" of our time, the 50 pupils accepted will be able to perfect their artistic skills in a chosen discipline while exploring other areas of activity vital to maturity: natural and human sciences, as well as knowledge of our body.

As we wish to share the results of our efforts with others, the centre will be open to the general public, who may thus attend at their convenience classes, lectures, debates or concerts.

Finally, we will develop links with universities, music academies and music festivals to spread the School's influence far and wide, and make known its artists throughout the world.

Jean Philippe Audoli

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